Peter oils wheels with marketing role at Rotherham Hospice

Peter Bradley is the new head of marketing and fundraising at Rotherham Hospice.

He has had a 25 year career in Total Oil’s 770 co-owned petrol stations and retail units- including Rotherham’s Canklow Bridge. Just two weeks after retirement, Peter was asked to take on the role of retail business development manager for Oxfam’s 847 charity shops. He now brings that expertise to the Hospice’s charity shops and fundraising team.

Peter said: “I feel truly blessed to have had such a fantastic career, working with some of the best businesses in the world. After Oxfam, I became corporate account manager at Bluebell Wood, then consulted with the Aurora cancer charity in Bassetlaw. I was planning to retire- again- but this opportunity was simply too important to resist.

“I have so many experiences in my head to share about moving from retail to the charity sector and there are so many exciting things happening here, from what Steve and Jane Medhi have done in creating the Tree of Life to extending corporate adoptions for Rotherham Hospice.

“Our plans require £5 million and half of that needs to be generated by fundraising in a tough environment of enormous competition from thousands of other worthy charities.

“Since meeting the people here, I can honestly say if I had to move into this Hospice tomorrow, I would have absolute confidence in being looked after.”

Peter added: “The welcome has been superb and the day I walked through these doors, changed me. I am surrounded by people and families whose lives- through the fundraising I will be doing- we can make a bit better. That first good feeling I can’t describe, has been confirmed by everyone I have met.”

Hospice chief executive Christopher Duff said: “Peter comes to us with a wealth of valuable commercial and charitable experience that will help us improve the lives of increasing numbers of Rotherham residents who come to us in times of greatest need. We are very grateful to Nick Cragg and Nicholas Associates who advertised and searched for our new Marketing and Fundraising Director for the Hospice, donating their time and resources.”

Peter Bradley outside
Peter Bradley


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