Appeal for Hornsea Pottery employees for film project

Hull-based film company NDE Films is getting ready to make a DVD of workers memories from the halcyon days of Hornsea Pottery and they are putting out a public appeal with an assortment of archive images.

“Is this really you? Is this a friend of yours?” asks NDE director Iain Thompson. “Did you work at Hornsea Pottery at any time between 1949 and 2000? Would you like to meet up with friends, colleagues, workmates from those times and share memories, catch up with what’s been happening and view the collection of Hornsea Pottery from throughout the half century?”

“What we want to do is join the bi-annual workers’ reunion and set up a video diary booth to record all the memories for posterity on a DVD which will be available to the public, especially the many collectors of the famous pottery from all over the world.”

If you can answer yes to any of the above, please call Carol Harker at Hornsea Museum and Hornsea Pottery Collection to find out more about the great Pottery Reunion. Carol, whose number is 01964 533443,  is the curator the Curator of the Collection. The re-union event takes place on September 12th between 1pm and 5pm at the Museum on Newbegin, Hornsea. It’s free to all former employees of the pottery.

“It’s amazing to think that at its peak the Pottery employed over 700 people” added Iain, “that was like ten per cent of the entire population of the town, so there must be a lot of you out there somewhere.”

1959 john
The pottery was founded in 1949 in a small terraced house by brothers Colin and Desmond Rawson

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