Yorkshire gears up for National Coding Week 2015

National Coding Week, the week-long event offering adults an insight into digital industries, is set to return to Yorkshire for the second time.

With events planned up and down the country, National Coding Week will give adults an opportunity to learn how to write computer code, potentially opening the door to a new career.

Coding organisations across the UK have joined forces with the wider tech industry to support the initiative and run their own events.

Sky’s Yorkshire team has been keen to support the event, at a time when the organisation is investing in digital skills and innovation. The business recently invested in a brand new, world-class technology hub based in the heart of Leeds.

Matt Grest, head of technology at Sky Leeds Dock said: “We’re proud to support National Coding Week, as we are passionate about developing the next generation of digital talent.”

“With our investment in Leeds, we’re creating one of the largest digital communities in the UK. We are looking forward to bringing 400 new jobs to the city and giving people the opportunity to build their skills and help shape the digital services of the future.”

In the run up to National Coding Week 2015, Sky Technology in Leeds will be running an Agile Masterclass event  in Hull on the 15 September.

Following the success of its inaugural year, National Coding Week will take place from September 21-27. People from across the UK can join local free-to-attend training sessions where they’ll be taught the basics of coding alongside other beginners with little or no previous knowledge.

Some of the other events taking place across Yorkshire include a fun hands-on introduction to computer programming, hosted by Leeds Libraries and Leeds Code Dojo, a coding workshop in Huddersfield held by G2G3 Digital and Microsoft, and FDM Group Leeds will be supporting National Coding Week by holding digital training sessions for former soldiers.

A recent survey conducted by National Coding Week revealed that 52 per cent of adults in the UK said they would feel ‘extremely or very daunted’ at the prospect of learning to code, while 41.3 per cent believed that the older they are, the harder it is to pick up a skill like coding – rising to 51 per cent for residents of Leeds and 47 per cent for those in Sheffield.

Richard Rolfe, co-founder of National Coding Week who was also born in Leeds, said: “The key aims of National Coding Week are to encourage adults of any age to learn an element of computer coding, to encourage digital experts to share their skills, and to collaborate, share, learn and have fun! If I can learn to code at age 51 then anyone can!”

Organisations supporting this year’s event elsewhere in the UK include Decoded, Women Who Code, We Got Coders, Codeclan, Incubus London and International tech conference organisers Future Insights. The Welsh government and the Mayor of London have also pledged their support to National Coding Week. This year’s event is sponsored by JT Group Global.

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