Travel time pay ruling increasing demand for PSC employment solutions says Leeds specialist

A recent ruling on travel time pay from the Court of Justice of the European Union has increased demand for Personal Service Company-based employment solutions in the home care sector, according to Leeds based contracting specialist Nova Contracting.

The CJEU has ruled that time spent travelling to and from appointments by workers without a fixed place of work, should be regarded as ‘working time’ for the purposes of the Working Time Directive, so including time spent travelling from the worker’s home to their first and last customers.

“The recent ruling has already brought about an increase in inquiries from the home care sector in particular, about engaging staff through their own limited companies, or PSCs,” said Nova Contracting Director Marcus Green.

“Employers are already facing huge pressure on costs, with living wage and pensions legislation adding to their budget burden, so paying for travel-to-work time means that many businesses are revising their recruitment plans and looking for more cost-effective employment solutions which enable them to reinvest in their workforce and client care.”

Nova Contracting works with the UK’s leading recruitment agencies and healthcare employment specialists, offering a wide range of compliant employment solutions. The contracting specialist also operates across the logistics, industrial, catering and hospitality sectors.

Marcus Green
Marcus Green

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