Double success for back-to-back shows at HIC Yorkshire

HIC Yorkshire rounded off a successful September following back-to-back shows from two of its long-running trade exhibitions. The Harrogate Bridal Show ended just days before The Flooring Show moved in, with both events under the directorship of local event organiser Wendy Adams.

Wendy has recently taken over full ownership of The Flooring Show and is looking forward to her first show at the helm in 2016, when she hopes to expand the event with The Tiling Show running alongside.

Speaking shortly after Bridal and Flooring finished their annual stay in Harrogate she described the most recent run as “absolutely fantastic”.  “Both shows were fully booked on stand sale with visitor numbers also up”.

The Harrogate Bridal Show saw 3368 visitors, up 5 per cent on last year, while The Flooring Show welcomed 2870 delegates, a 9 per cent increase.

“We have had very positive feedback from all our exhibitors and we have already had about 99 per cent re-bookings from exhibitors for the 2016 Flooring Show. Bridal is at about 95 per cent,” she said.

The two shows are a regular fixture on HIC Yorkshire’s calendar and take place in September, attracting thousands of visitors to the town.  A large percentage of bridal visitors are from overseas, many from Scandinavia, and they reportedly all love coming to the beautiful town of Harrogate.

HIC director Simon Kent said: “Wendy is a very experienced exhibition organiser so I’m not surprised to hear that both shows have been a success.  Bridal attracts the best of the world’s wedding industry so it’s great for the whole town.

“The Flooring Show is a very different, but equally prestigious, industry event and I’m glad to hear Wendy is intent on continuing to see it grow at HIC Yorkshire.”

The successful end to the month mirrored the beginning, when HIC Yorkshire hosted the four-day WI Centenary Fair, a new lifestyle event which attracted around 15,000 people to the town.

Bridal 1
The bridal fair at HIC

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