Daredevil World Cup commission for laser specialists

Laser cutting and engraving specialist Cutting Technologies is flying high thanks to a commission from the organisers of an extreme skydiving competition.

The Barnsley-based company was asked to laser engrave the trophies for the inaugural FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Performance Flying.

The adrenaline-filled world cup was hosted by the Army Parachute Association at an airfield in Wiltshire and attracted daredevil skydivers from five continents.

Wearing specially designed suits, the competitors guided their way to earth from 12,000 feet before releasing parachutes. Wingsuit flying is a relatively new extreme sport but quickly gaining in popularity.

Cutting Technologies engraved the stainless steel trophies and the winner was Espen Fadnes, a Norwegian multi-sport extreme athlete.

Jane Robinson, co-founder and director at Cutting Technologies, said: “We’re frequently asked to laser cut and engrave awards but rarely do we create trophies for such extreme sports. These competitors really do live on a wing and a prayer.”

The striking trophies were constructed by Derbyshire-based fabricators HTF Stainless Steel Fabrication.

Cutting Technologies is flying high

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