Search helps Leeds employers get up to speed on legal changes

A legal seminar is set to take place in Leeds this month to prepare business leaders for employment law changes.

Organised by recruiter Search Consultancy, the session will equip decision-makers with “need to know” information on legislative changes, allowing them to start preparing now.

Topics will include the National Living Wage of £7.20, which applies to workers over 25 and comes into force from April 2016, with expectations it will rise to £9 by 2020.

Also up for discussion will be Equal Pay Reporting, as companies with 250 employees or more will be required to publicly disclose any pay disparity between males and females of all levels from next year.

Debbie Caswell, Search Consultancy’s MD for England, said: “We work with employers across a broad range of sectors and want to help ensure they are ready for these changes which will have significant impact for many.

“The National Living Wage will benefit thousands of employees, but it will also inevitably push up the wage bill for companies and there are fears there could be job losses as a result.  We want to get employers thinking about this now and looking at ways to minimise the impact the legislation will have on service delivery and profits.

“Equal Pay Reporting should also be on the radar for larger companies as they could face legal action if their rewards structures are deemed discriminatory.  It is expected this will be rolled out to include smaller companies in the future so we think it’s important for businesses of all sizes to be aware now.”

The Leeds seminar takes place on Thursday from 8.30-10.30am.

It will be led by Fiona McKay, business leadership and employment law expert of Seminars and Solutions, who will guide employers through what they need to know, how to plan, and tips for absorbing the financial impact.

The topics are expected to appeal to financial directors, MDs, CEOs, finance and payroll staff, as well as procurement and supply chain specialists.

Places must be booked in advance – for more details contact

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