Sheffield inventor’s innovation hits the spot for building industry

A Sheffield-based builder-turned-inventor has developed a ‘revolutionary’ new product capable of saving the construction industry both time and money.

Charles Ellis, 35, from Bradway, created Plasterspot after recognising a need for a more accurate way of marking the location of hidden cables, pipes and joists when installing new fixtures into plasterboard, such as downlights, radiators, wall sockets and switches.

The product – a pack of coin-sized indicator stickers which are placed individually onto the plasterboard surface to mark drill points and hidden fixtures – uses a protected dye system which bleeds through the drying plaster once covered.

A clear, well-defined spot is then left on the surface, indicating exactly where the drill point, joists or water and electrical feeds are.

Father-of-two, Charles, said: “I came up with the idea for Plasterspot after recognising a need for a product that pinpoints exactly where a newly-plastered surface needs to be drilled into, without the need for the time-consuming and complex drawings so many tradespeople rely on.

“Having worked in the building industry for more than a decade, I’d become frustrated with the time it takes to map out installation points, and then the time and money it costs to rectify any mistakes made when the drawings aren’t completely accurate.

“The idea is very simple but potentially revolutionary. The product is something tradespeople can carry with them very easily, but that will make a real difference when they’re working.”

Along with his business partner and investor Phil Hardy, Charles is in talks with numerous building, electrical and plumbing suppliers across the country.

Charles, said: “The feedback has been fantastic. Those who’ve tried Plasterspot have said it helps them get the job done quicker but more accurately, too, which can only be a good thing for both the building trade and the end customer.”

Charles Ellis


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