HMRC service crisis pays dividends for Nova Contracting

As HMRC reels from government criticism about customer service, leading contracting specialist Nova is reporting a company record number of self assessment tax returns.

The Public Accounts Committee last week slammed HMRC for its “abysmal” customer care, claiming that only half the phone calls to its customer care centre were being answered.

Nova Contracting Director Marcus Green said: “There is a clearly a great deal of pressure at HMRC and contractor clients are coming to us for advice and support.

“We’re dealing with almost 70 per cent more self assessment tax returns for self employed workers currently than the same period last year and we are urging all our clients to  provide us with all the information we need as soon as possible in order to ensure all self assessments are submitted well in advance of January 31st

“As well as avoiding hefty penalties if the January 31st deadline for filing online tax returns is missed, contractors who file early don’t have to pay any tax due early and if they’re due a refund, HMRC should return this sooner.”

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