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Appliances Direct receives Excellence Award for customer service

To celebrate its place as the UK’s leading manufacturer of dehumidifiers for the last 35 years, Ebac has recognised the outstanding customer service provided by Appliances Direct Huddersfield with an Ebac Excellence Award.

Appliances Direct, based on Trident Business Park, is one of Ebac’s large network of independent retailers across the UK and has been singled out by the company in acknowledgement of its levels of customer satisfaction, good advice and relationship with the Ebac team.

Established in 1999, Appliances Direct is one of the leading online retailers for electrical goods, supplying across the UK and many other European countries. Located in Huddersfield are the Buy it Direct head office and showroom.

Ebac is a British firm and one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of dehumidifiers for the last 35 years, and are well placed to judge the quality of help and advice available at Appliances Direct.

Floods are hitting some parts of the UK, and Yorkshire has never been wetter with some of the heaviest downpours this country has ever seen. With forecasts that this is just the start of the severe winter this year, homeowners need to be prepared in advance to stop damp getting a grip on their properties and tackle it before it causes long-lasting damage.

Unfortunately when moisture gets into your home it can cause, damp, mould, condensation and related property and health issues.

The solution to these problems could be a dehumidifier, a household appliance which reduces the level of moisture in the air, removes odours, improves allergies, creates a more comfortable home environment and even dries laundry more quickly.

John Elliott, chairman of Ebac, said: “Ebac greatly values its network of local independent retailers. We strive to continually innovative our products and make them the best on the market but without the sales outlets across the country we would not be able to reach the many millions of households who rely on dehumidifiers to keep their homes dry and healthy.”

Francis Fowles at Appliances Directsaid: “We are proud to work in partnership with Ebac and pleased to receive this award, which is testament to our efforts to provide good service and of our knowledge of the local market. Ebac manufactures dehumidifiers that are specifically designed for the UK climate to give optimum performance, which is very attractive to our customers.”

Jordan Parker, front, with Victor Stoica, Zoe Wilson, Richard Walker and Naomi Talbot

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