New Yorkshire venture launched

A new venture is set to bring a wide range of select works from iconic film and photographic artists to new spaces and places world-wide.

Co-founded by Harrogate-based Sharon Price and internationally renowned photographer Peter Dench, The Curators is the first of its kind to bridge the gap between arts exhibitions and businesses and to offer ‘pre-curation’, helping artists from across the globe to build their exhibition portfolios to present previously unseen works.

Price and Dench have a strong track record not only in sourcing signature art works for private clients, but also in creating long-term value from events and business development programmes for corporate clientele.

They advise on the selection and placement of works to any given brief and devise events that deliver on a range of CSR and commercial outcomes.

From the lobbies of an international corporation headquartered in Oslo to the drawing room of a London Mayfair residence, The Curators are equally at home recommending artwork to enhance a property portfolio or providing a larger-scale exhibition as the stimulus for a crucial debate.

The pair started their working life together as co-creative directors when they established a thriving arts venue in Leeds, formulating a packed programme of sell-out visual arts events with names such as Tom Stoddart, Harry Borden, Chris Floyd and Laura Pannack.

Now The Curators, they are building on their well-established network of sought-after artists to promote film and photography not only in its aesthetic sense, but as a business building and relationship development service for corporate and private clients in prestige destinations across the globe.

The Curators work in consultation with clients to source works for premières, product launches and functions.

Sharon said: “The UK is a global arts entrepôt and net exporter, with the second largest global market, yet we know that status isn’t used enough to drive non-arts based businesses. Art gives a business personality.

“There are hundreds of companies that already see art not just as a decorative necessity, but also an opportunity to stimulate the thoughts of their employees, to support artists through purchases of their work and, perhaps most importantly, to project their desired image to clients, staff and visitors. But we’re only scratching the surface.

“We want to make hundreds, thousands. There’s no excuse for tired art on boardroom walls anymore – particularly with the care and attention paid to welcoming clients with designer floral displays in immaculate reception areas and client lobbies.”

Peter said: “The film and photographic mediums offer a reality that carries the impact of the moment, or the story that is told, rather than imagined. This combined with the human understanding and sensitivity that is required for the photographer to make the picture honest, visually striking and to then resonate creates the ‘beauty’.

“The story behind taking the photograph and the reputation of the photographer have all become important factors in appreciating and understanding great art.”

The Curators will be calling on businesses to consider the arts as a means to solve some of their most pressing issues, outside of the traditional notion that firms simply exist to turn a profit.

Exhibitions can be designed to attract clients from outside of an organisation’s usual associations and give reasons to invite clients to talk on current topics. Many companies also want to be visible when supporting worthy causes within a socially responsible and ethical framework.

Peter Dench and creative director Sharon Price (3)
Peter Dench and creative director Sharon Price

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