Alexa’s on a mission to make Sheffield the UK’s fairest city

Mums returning to work deserve a fairer deal, according to Alexa Greaves, managing director of Sheffield technology company AAG Systems Ltd.

Signing the City’s new ‘Fair Employer Charter’ on behalf of AAG, Alexa said: “At AAG Systems, we recognise the importance of a work-life balance, so we’re open to flexible working hours, part time roles and job-sharing.

“This Charter is a fantastic opportunity for Sheffield companies to demonstrate how much we value our staff, and show our commitment to making working life enjoyable, equitable and rewarding for all employees.”

More than 25 companies have already signed up to the Charter, which seeks to position Sheffield as the Fairest City in the Country. Developed by manufacturing leader Gripple, in conjunction with the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Our Fair City campaign, the Charter initiative is the first business-led example of its kind in the UK.

Alexa Greaves

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