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York hotelier welcomes council’s parking charges review

A leading York hotelier has welcomed the city council’s proposal to shelve proposed off-street parking increases.

Graham Usher, general manager of the Best Western Monkbar Hotel and chair of York Hoteliers’ Association, called it the right move and one that would benefit York’s businesses, many of which were still suffering from the aftermath of the Boxing Day floods.

In addition, the council was also to limit the rise of the cost of hotel parking scratch cards, which would bring them in line with general parking charges.

This was in stark contrast to recent reports that York City Council was going to raise all parking charges, with hotel guests being forced to pay £12 for leaving their car overnight in a public car park.

Mr Usher said, whose own hotel has just undergone a £3m programme of investment taking it from three stars to four, added: “Over the last few months there have been conflicting reports about the scale of parking charges the council was looking at introducing.

“I’m delighted the council has not only laid its cards on the table, but has seen sense. I have to give them credit to listening to us and addressing our very real concerns.

“We had received a large number of complaints, both in the hotel, and publicly on social media, about the proposed level of increase in parking charges.

“Had they gone down their original track of penalizing motorists even more so than they already are, it would have needlessly hurt the city’s night time economy which so many businesses rely upon.

“I still think the council needs to work closer with those in the hospitality and leisure sectors to ensure we have a vibrant and viable night time economy, and a city that welcomes visitors arriving by car, not punishing them financially.”

Graham Usher

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