Pinnacle Technology Group announces £5m Yorkshire acquisitions

IT and communications services provider Pinnacle Technology Group has successfully completed the acquisitions of Yorkshire’s Ancar B and The Weston Group.

Confirming the finalisation of the deals at a combined value of £5million, Pinnacle said it believed the significant strategic move would give the company substantial opportunity to consolidate the fragmented market of IT Service providers.

It now aims to become the dominant provider of ‘IT as a Service’ to the UK SME market, enabling it to add value to its solution and service framework, while strengthening its ability to provide an enhanced service for customers.

The company said that bringing together Pinnacle, The Weston Group and Ancar B was “the first step on an exciting journey”.

Founded in 1998, Ancar B is a fast-growing provider of IT support services to small and medium-sized enterprises, schools and other public sector and charitable organisations in West Yorkshire.

With around 315 customers currently, the business provides IT support, hosted solutions, cloud computing solutions and online management including web and domain hosting, remote backup, anti-spam and disaster recovery.

Established in 1987, The Weston Group provides installation, service and support across IT, telecoms and mobile technologies from its head office in Leeds to local businesses and organisations. The Weston Group currently has around 225 customers.

Pinnacle Technology Group’s executive chairman Gavin Lyons said: “We are pleased to be able to confirm the additions of Ancar B and The Weston Group, underlining our strategy of building Pinnacle around high quality acquisitions which share our values and commitment to superior service.

“It will also enable us to add tremendous value to our solutions and service framework, while driving revenue growth and strengthening our ability to provide a leading service for our customers.

“Bringing together Pinnacle, The Weston Group and Ancar B is our first step on this exciting journey, aligning a wider vision, and further enhancing our multi-regional ambitions.

“Thanks to these major acquisitions, we are now in an advantageous position to push on and take advantage of the market opportunity that exists.

“Together, we intend to build on our market leadership to advance the brand strength, and increase our presence.”

Pinnacle Technology Group’s Executive Chairman, Gavin Lyons

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