Harrowells Solicitors selects SMS PASSCODE to secure remote working

Harrowells Solicitors, the Yorkshire-based law firm, has today announced that it is working with Danish authentication company SMS PASSCODE, to secure its remote access to the company’s network and applications.

The law firm, driven by the business requirement of improving the productivity of its workforce and providing flexible working solutions for its employees, had recently migrated to ServaCloud, a cloud based system delivered over Citrix. However, dealing with client sensitive information meant that Harrowells had to implement strong user authentication, to ensure security was not compromised.

SMS PASSCODE’s adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution was chosen due to the simplicity of implementation, ease of use and the fact that it protects against identity theft and modern threats without compromising on convenience. The system uses contextual information – such as geographical location and network IP – to validate users. Real time, session specific passcodes are sent to Harrowells’ employees meaning they can log in remotely and securely.

Danny Garland, Harrowells’ IT manager, said: “It was vital that we had an authentication solution that would add an additional layer of security to our systems, provide employees with a great mobile working experience and be easy for the IT team to manage. SMS PASSCODE has ticked all those boxes – and it means we can breathe easy knowing our data and systems are as secure as possible.”

Kevin Thiele, UK Country Manager at SMS PASSCODE, said: “We are delighted to be helping Harrowells Solicitors meet its business objectives of increasing productivity by empowering their workforce to work whether in the office or any other location without compromising security and user convenience.”

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