virtualDCS wins industry accreditation

Leeds based virtualDCS has secured an industry standards award.

Covering “The provision of safe secure virtual server hosting services’, the accreditation was awarded to the company by Frank Lee from the British Standards Institute (BSI).

The ISO 27001 standard is a set of technical and business controls which when met, collectively ensure a business is managing customer data in the most effective and secure way possible.

“For over 14 months, the technical and business teams at virtualDCS have been implementing the new information security management system, ensuring that they continue to offer our clients the most secure and resilient virtual hosting platform in the UK.

During that time, we implemented 123 leading-edge information assurance technologies and processes, which collectively protect our platform from a rapidly increasing cyber threat.

This certification, awarded by BSI, is testament to our team’s professionalism and commitment in the field of secure cloud hosting.

We’re pleased to report that unlike other ‘secure’ companies in the industry, virtualDCS chose to include the entire organisation in the scope of the award, implementing over 120 recommended controls,” said Thomas Chappelow, head of information security at virtualDCS.

Richard May, managing director of virtualDCS, said: “As a company we’ve always worked to ISO 27001 standards in the past, as we know that information is a valuable and irreplaceable asset to any organisation. We’re really pleased the company has now been officially accredited and recognised.”

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