Amplify Leeds helps build a new powerhouse through the voices of local people

Stories of inequality, aspiration and action in Leeds were told by local people at the Amplify Leeds Making Waves event at Open Source Arts.

Five people shared their own stories, to show how they act every day to overcome inequality in the city.

The Young Foundation CEO and Yorkshire woman Glenys Thornton said: “Amplify Leeds is a fantastic initiative that has shown us how bringing together the different local Leeds voices and stories in the city builds the basis for collective action to address inequality.

“Our work demonstrates that people in Leeds support a different type of powerhouse, based on social cohesion and fighting inequality.

“We are delighted to be launching ‘A Story of Leeds’, a story book which brings hope and contains messages for new ideas, networks and partnerships in the city.

“The story book explains the values that the local community identifies with – sharing, bridging and nurturing.

“I strongly urge people to read ‘A Story of Leeds’ and hear what local people have to say.”

Amplify Leeds is a group of ordinary people, organisations and institutions working together to create a better and more equal city.

The Young Foundation along with partners Leeds City Council and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation joined forces a year ago giving the people of Leeds a voice.

By listening to people’s stories, amplifying voices which don’t usually get heard, and supporting innovative ideas and approaches towards change. We can create a fairer place for everyone to live and a new story for the future.

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