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Free Barnsley employment seminar to give tips on attracting top talent

How to attract top talent to important jobs will be the subject of a free recruitment seminar for Barnsley-based businesses.

The HR masterclass organised by Enterprising Barnsley is open to all Barnsley employers keen to find out more about the best ways to attract talented individuals with relevant skills.

Enterprising Barnsley’s HR business consultant Judy Sidebottom said: “Recruitment is evolving quickly with many different online and digital tools available to promote job vacancies and engage with potential candidates.

“And it is also an increasingly candidate-driven market place and so it’s becoming more and more important for companies to know how to get themselves and their job opportunities noticed and their employer brand held in high regard.

“All employers want to attract the best possible recruits and so they need to know how to use the growing range of tools available, such as Linkedin and social media channels, combined with more traditional job adverts to grab the attention of potential candidates.”

The seminar will also cover mobile job applications, the importance of promoting your brand and its impact on boosting recruitment, plus tips on getting the candidate experience right through the application and interview process.

The recruitment masterclass will be led by commercial manager Hayley Robinson of Networx Recruitment, a leading online recruitment agency; and Stephen Williams, client relationship director at Glassdoor, an innovative online jobs and careers recruitment channel.

Enterprising Barnsley is the economic development arm of Barnsley Council, which offer business support to help Barnsley businesses grow and create jobs.

The free Enterprising Barnsley HR Network seminar will take place on Wednesday 11th May, 11.45am until 2pm at the Digital Media Centre in Barnsley town centre.

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