Contractors urged not to lose out on legitimate expenses

As the contracting sector adapts to the new expenses regime, a leading specialist is urging temporary workers not to lose out on legitimate claims.

Leeds-based Nova Contracting director Marcus Green said the new rules, which came into effect this month, meant the end of home to work mileage claims in all but very specific cases.

He added: “Once they have left the worksite for the day, contractors can still legitimately claim travel and subsistence for all their assignments, plus other expenses such as training costs, protective clothing and accommodation.

“Although the new responsibilities on supervision, direction and control are much more limiting than originally anticipated, with contractors and agencies unlikely to want to go through the various hoops to prove SDC does not apply, the rule only applies to home-to-work travel and subsistence. Other expenses and benefits are not affected and we’re urging temporary workers not to lose out.

“Our sector continues to prove its compliance, responsibility and resilience in the face of an ever-changing legislative landscape and we’ll continue to monitor for any further developments in this area, as well as during the current consultation period on the digital online test for IR35.

“There is some good news for contractors. With the new tax year bringing the new directors’ Annual Earnings Period, the current treatment of NICs for a director means a welcome, albeit temporary improvement in net income. In a highly competitive market every little helps.”

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