Tattoo removal gets bank approval

A West Yorkshire cosmetic centre has been able to offer a world class tattoo removal service, thanks to support from Yorkshire Bank.

Holmfirth based Yorkshire Cosmetic Laser Clinic is one of only two businesses in Yorkshire to use the Quanta Q-Plus C laser, the most advanced tattoo removal machine available to remove tattoos without damaging the skin.

The treatment has proven extremely popular with clients travelling from all over West Yorkshire to have their old, badly done and unwanted tattoos erased.

The funding for the machine was delivered by Alan Richardson, relationship manager for Yorkshire Bank’s Business and Private Banking Centre in Bradford.

The new laser has the ability to target all colours of tattoo ink, including those traditionally difficult to remove such as blues and greens and other bright colours. Current trends mean customers are looking for more unique tattoos now than 10 years ago, and so many require the removal of old tattoos and common ‘tribal’ designs for something more bespoke.

The new machine is the first major investment in the company since it opened its doors in January 2015. Founder Sarah Smith originally had the idea for the business after looking into the tattoo removal process for a family member.

She quickly realised that there wasn’t a quality tattoo removal service locally and took a course with Manchester University in tattoo removal before opening the clinic.

Sarah said: “I launched the business in January last year, and since then we’ve grown steadily, building up a strong base of customers who want safe and effective tattoo removal in a clinical environment.

“We also get a lot of referrals from tattoo studios whose clients need a tattoo faded prior to a cover-up. The laser we had before was only effective on black, red and dark inks so I decided to purchase the best laser available which could target all treatable colours so we could offer our clients a complete service. We also bought a cold air cooler to provide pain relief for clients which has proven to be very popular.

“It’s only early days and but the phone hasn’t stopped ringing since we took delivery of the new laser and our existing clients are also happy to have access to the best equipment. I want to continue building the business and the aim is to open another premises in the near future. Yorkshire Bank has been instrumental in helping me realise business aims by providing a tailored funding package to suit my requirements.”

Andy Davidson, head of Yorkshire Bank’s Business and Private Banking Centre in Bradford, said: “The Yorkshire Cosmetic Laser Clinic is a fine example of an entrepreneur spotting a gap in the market and making the most of it. We fully support Sarah in her aim to expand the business in the years to come.

“As economic conditions continue to improve, Yorkshire Bank remains committed to supporting the growth ambitions of business such as the Yorkshire Cosmetic Laser Clinic.”

Alan Richardson YB. Sarah Smith - YCLC
Alan Richardson and Sarah Smith

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