Fulcrum launches “FirstElectricity” service to support small business and self-build sectors

Sheffield-based Fulcrum, the only independent multi-utility connections company serving the whole of Britain, has launched a new service for small and one-off electricity connections.

Following on from a successful first year of its FirstGas division, and in response to customer demand, Fulcrum has set up FirstElectricity, which also is aimed at the self-build and small business markets.

A growing proportion of FirstGas customers are requesting support with electricity connections and, in addition to the introduction of this new dedicated service, both brands will provide dual fuel connection support.

Through its online service at www.firstelectricityconnections.co.uk, FirstElectricity provides a straightforward and cost-effective approach to arranging electricity connections.

FirstElectricity has a handpicked team of customer-focused specialists, who provide jargon-free advice and have the expertise and knowledge to cut through the considerable red tape that often surrounds the installation of utilities.

Martin Donnachie, chief executive of Fulcrum, said: “The launch of FirstElectricity is in response to customer demand and fills a clear gap in the market.

“The philosophy behind both operations is the same – to help time-pressured small business owners, small developers and self-build practitioners overcome the often significant challenges associated with connecting utilities to their premises.”

He added: “Together with dual fuel connection requests from FirstGas customers, our market research has demonstrated that there is a need for this new service with customers wanting project management support to ensure that the installation of an electricity supply is achieved in a timely, hassle-free manner and within budget.”

The introduction of the new FirstElectricity service is part of Fulcrum’s strategy to offer bespoke services, comprising technical engineering, design, project management and consultancy, specifically to meet the needs of distinct businesses sectors.

The FirstElectricity and FirstGas brands, while operating as separate entities, complement Fulcrum’s multi-utility services, which continue to focus on solutions for larger developments and more complex installations.

Michael Wood, FirstElectricity account executive; Jo Kidd, First Brand team leader; Craig Baugh, head of marketing and communications; and Kevin Walpole, associate director of sales


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