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Virtuoso Legal becomes an ACID legal affiliate team

Virtuoso Legal. Portraits. shot by Claire Wood on 8th March 16.

Specialist intellectual property (IP) firm  has become an (Anti Copying in Design) legal affiliate team. With offices in both Yorkshire and London, Virtuoso Legal will be providing advice to those working in the creative industries that wish to know how to identify their IP rights and protect their work. 

A not-for-profit, membership trade organisation, ACID aims to help designers in the understand IP law in relation to their IP rights, ultimately helping them to protect their ideas and creations.

The experienced team at ACID understand the challenges designers face, with the organisation’s CEO, Dids Macdonald OBE having previously worked as a successful product designer. Time and time again, Macdonald came across the same challenge – theft, with a number of her designs copied by larger companies over the years without any hope of redress. 

Dids recognised this was a problem for many small design companies and independent creatives in the UK, which inspired the idea and motivation to create a roundtable of designers which evolved into ACID.

Today, ACID represents thousands of designers and provides education and training through seminars and workshops, while offering assistance to those exhibiting at trade shows. ACID Action successfully lobbies the government for improvements to IP and design law to provide designers and manufacturers with greater protection. 

As part of Virtuoso Legal’s involvement with ACID, Virtuoso Legal’s IP experts will be offering free initial advice to ACID members and prospective members, helping them to identify and secure their IP needs, as well as protect their most important assets. 

, senior solicitor at Virtuoso Legal’s London office, said: “Sadly for many of the UK’s creatives, the story of David and Goliath rings too true. There are some 350,000 designers in the UK, most of which are SMEs, and we hear of so many cases where designs and work are ripped off by larger companies. In such instances, small design companies and independent creatives can feel powerless – but they can, and must, fight back. 

“We’ve always been a nation of creatives and ’s vital we protect this industry and enable to thrive not only in the UK but internationally too. The law is there to protect designers’ ideas, work, reputation and business – and together with ACID, we’re determined to help eradicate design theft.”

The Virtuoso Legal team

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