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XBlades join search for the next rugby league star


XBlades Sports has set up a three-year partnership to help find the hidden gems of .

The international sports brand is delighted to announce the exclusive partnership with HQ9 – a player profiling website that enables the next generation of rugby stars to get seen and be able to showcase their sporting talents and attributes to the world of Rugby League.

The HQ9 scouting system will be used by all professionals in to Championship clubs, and will give such clubs the chance to scout for players that have since been logistically inaccessible.

The venture is the brainchild of current Super League star and former Grand Final winner and although he is now playing at the highest level, it wasn’t an easy journey to get there.

Lunt’s new venture will ensure that a person’s Rugby League path isn’t down to chance or luck but based on talent.

Shaun said: “HQ9 is super excited about this partnership, having sat down with XBlades and talked through our plans, we are all determined and focused on really creating a legacy in sport which will help budding players get noticed and have a huge impact on the sport for many years to come.

“I believe both companies can complement each other every step of the way.”

, at XBlades, said: “As soon as we were made aware of this new project of Shaun’s, we were keen to be involved.

“Some of the most renowned athlete’s in world rugby are currently wearing our boots and apparel. We were keen to come to an agreement with HQ9 that allows the next generation of players to have access to our all our products to ensure that they are wearing the same cutting edge as those in the professional game.”

The three-year agreement will also see all players who sign up to the HQ9 website gain exclusive offers and discounts on all XBlades merchandise.

Lee Jenkinson added: “With Shaun’s enthusiasm and desire to succeed, we know HQ9 is going to be the most prominent method for scouting players in this country, and at XBlades we are looking forward to being part of this exciting journey.”


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