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MediaCom Leeds makes a sky-high donation


The lifesaving work of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance in some of the county’s most beautiful but potentially hazardous terrain, has been recognised with a £4,188 donation from MediaCom Leeds.

The air ambulance was suggested as MediaCom Leeds’ official charity by business science director Neil Charles, a keen paraglider who has witnessed the air ambulance in action on numerous occasions.

“My friends and I are fortunate never to have required the invaluable service provided by YAA, but there have been occasions where we’ve seen it in action when a paraglider has crashed, or we’ve found injured climbers or walkers,” Neil said.

“The YAA team is fantastic. The support they provide is invaluable for anyone using the mountains for work or pleasure.”

Every MediaCom office has a MediaCommunity committee to engage with the local community and raise money for good causes.

In Leeds, the MediaCommunity team consists of seven people, although the whole workforce works together to raise money for the good causes they support.

The YAA donation was raised through a series of raffles, blind auctions and bake sales.

The company also pioneered the ‘How Have You Bean’ initiative, where colleagues are encouraged to have a free coffee (or tea!) with someone they don’t usually speak to and donate £1 to YAA for the privilege.

In addition, the team got their trainers on for the Leeds Abbey Dash and tackled the Three Peaks – both raising a large proportion of the donated sum, as well as being great team bonding experiences.

Jenny Jones. community fundraiser from the YAA; Jilly Langley, Paula Kitcheman, Helen Whitley, Hannah Brotherton, all Mediacom Leeds; and Martin Corrign, board director Mediacom Leeds

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