Keighley’s Kiravans launches unique barn door awning for VW campervans

Keighley-based online retailer Kiravans has launched an ingenious way to add a bit of extra space to VW camper vans, an awning for the rear doors.

The Barn Door Sail is a unique three-piece, aluminium pole system that clips to a van door’s latches. There are no guy lines or pegs to trip over and it can go up anywhere.

It is also totally waterproof and windproof with double stitched seams, and sheds rainwater towards the van’s water channels.

The awning is available for the T5 with or without a spoiler, and the T4 with a spoiler; and comes with a hard-wearing storage bag.

Kiravans director Robert McCandless said: “Shelter from heavy rain or intense sun with our innovative rear barn door awning which has been designed and manufactured exclusively for Kiravans.

“The awning provides shelter to the back end of your van and really opens up the usable space. It is great when sitting on the back of the bed and soaking up a beautiful view. The kids love it too as they now have their own private little area as well as somewhere to watch a DVD.

“Put it up in just over one minute, and take it down again in seconds!”

Kiravans' barn door awning
Kiravans’ barn door awning

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