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Leeds agency invests in graduate to uncover psyche of consumers

Digital agency Bolser has announced a new hire this week, which sees it add a real point of difference to its business, investing in a psychology graduate to work with their digital designers and marketeers.

Hannah Drakard, a student from Leeds Metropolitan University, has already added value having been involved in a global pitch for an international brand, providing psychological insights into how people absorb information, and learn.

Applying her knowledge of human behaviour and of the varying psyche’s of individuals when it comes to absorbing information, Bolser was able to hone their recommendations around gamification as a route to online learning.

Ashley Bolser, MD, who founded the agency in 2001, said: “We work with a number of global technology brands on customer communications, digital brand interactions, and online learning platforms. We’ve always provided advice and insights to clients on consumer behaviour, based on marketing research and analysis, but now we’re taking our service one step further.

“Enabling brands to really get under the skin of their consumers, by understanding their psyche enables us to develop platforms and technologies that we know they will respond to. We’re really excited to bring this extra layer of depth to our clients – we don’t know of any other digital marketing agency that employs a psychologist!”

Hannah said: “A key aspect of my degree was based on consumer behaviours and the processes involved in delivering a successful marketing campaign. I studied the perceptual processes of individuals, in particular how they perceive different stimuli and the way they interact and interpret.

“We also examined the importance of understanding the consumer when considering how to create engaging brands and campaigns, to ensure individuals can identify and relate to a campaign or product. I hope that my skill-set will help the agency develop new and exciting campaigns.

“I am so excited to be starting a new career at Bolser. Working in such an enthusiastic and creative digital agency is the perfect place to develop my skills. I love that I am able to use my Psychology degree directly, in the work that I am doing with major blue chip clients.”

Hannah and Ashley
Ashley Bolser and Hannah Drakard


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