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Global “product tank” series comes to Yorkshire

More than 50 members of the region’s digital product community attended the first ever ProductTank event to be hosted in Yorkshire.

Product managers, designers and developers came together to hear three 20 minute talks from Alex Samara, a product owner from and formerly of WalmartL@bs, , head of Sky Vegas and Casino, and , senior product manager, Sky Betting & Gaming.

Andy Gradwell, who brought the meetup to Wellington Place in , said: “With an ever-increasing digital product presence in Yorkshire and forging ahead as an important player in the ’s digital economy, it seemed fitting to bring the well-established ProductTank brand to the region to share expertise and strengthen the product network.”

Speaker Alex Samara of Science Warehouse started his Product Management career within WalmartL@bs, working initially on the desktop website, to later take ownership of the fast-growing mobile website.

He discussed data-driven product management, the journey from the realisation of the need for data to drive product development, getting the buy-in from key stakeholders and using post-development measurement techniques to help inform product decisions and measure development success.

Joe Mirtaheri who having worked in his product role for nearly four years at Sky Betting & Gaming shared his experiences of integrating creative thinking and innovation in a fast paced business, whilst Head of Sky Vegas and Casino Product, Andy Gradwell, revealed his thoughts on the book “The Tipping Point”.

He highlighted the perceived similarities that product development has with epidemics and what we can learn from them to help make our products or ideas more successful.


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