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FSB aims to revive Sheffield’s fading heritage

From the Little Mesters’ Workshops of a bygone age to today’s Digital Campus, Sheffield’s heritage reflects the enterprise, inventiveness and industriousness of its people. Sheffield’s history is arguably of greater strategic importance in social and economic terms than that of York.

Today the city is undergoing massive redevelopment but we are in danger of losing Sheffield’s industrial heritage. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is placing itself at the forefront of a campaign to ensure that the city’s industrial past will not be lost to future generations.

The FSB is kick-starting this campaign by hosting an event from 6pm– 8pm on Tuesday 12 July at The Circle, Rockingham Lane, when the special guest will be Dr. Roger Doonan, a Historical Archaeologist at the University of Sheffield.

Andrew Flower, South Yorkshire chairman of the FSB, said: “The event will incorporate the opportunity to open a city-wide dialogue on how Sheffield’s industrial heritage can influence the shaping of its future economy, initiating projects, events and activities within the city to showcase Sheffield’s past glories whilst establishing the vision for a 21st century ‘City of Enterprise’.

“At a time when there is much uncertainty about the UK’s future in the world, now is the opportune moment for the city to rediscover its predisposition for making a unique impression on the world. It was as a result of Sheffield’s industry and inventiveness that businesses elsewhere were able to build the ships that established global trade, lay the railways that stretched across continents, manufacture the armaments that won wars and develop the engines that powered the world’s industry.

“We need to carry that legacy forward into the new challenges which the country faces. Sheffield today is but a pale shadow of its former glory, but we can begin to restore the vitality, the ambition and the pride which were once the hallmark of this great city.”

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