Thai boxer swaps gloves for boxes of veg as he trains for big bout

Skipton fruit and veg suppliers Class One will be giving a kick-start to the UK’s number one Thai boxer this summer with weekly deliveries to fuel his fights.

Luke Turner, who is ranked No 1 in the UK and 19 in the world, will be boxing clever as he prepares for his latest “Fight Camp” with the help of a weekly vegetable box from the firm, run by former chef Ben Cluny and his family. 

The champion boxer, who trains at the Eastburn Fitness centre in Silsden under coach Robin Shepherd, will be cooking up healthy stir fries and smoothies from Class One’s box scheme as part of his gruelling six-week training schedule for the World Boxing Council (WBC) international title in August. 

Considered one of the most demanding sports in the world, a fighter can burn up to 2,000 calories a day – and requires a 5,000 calorie-a-day diet – during training, which, in Luke’s case includes a daily four mile jog and six rounds of sparring.  

“I can’t get the most out of my training or have the proper mental focus if my diet isn’t right,” said Luke, who began Thai boxing when he was six, and spent three years studying Thai language and fighting at university.

He added: “When Ben sent us a Class One sample box, it was unlike anything I’d ever tasted from the supermarket, it was so full of flavour. The strawberries tasted like a completely different fruit!” 

In fact, the 26-year-old, who works as a tattooist when he’s not boxing, is so pleased with the weekly delivery, he’ll be continuing the box scheme into October as he prepares for the Muay Thai super event of 2016 at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. 

“We have a specific weight to reach, so losing fat and stripping the body to lean muscle while maintaining energy is paramount,” said coach Robin, who set up the Jai Muay Thai boxing camp at Eastburn in 2004. 

“It’s very difficult to get quality fresh produce, let alone find time to shop for it while working and training full time, so that’s why we approached Class One. They have the best produce around in terms of freshness, quality and variety.”  

Ben Cluny from Class One, which started out as a market stall in Skipton high street in 1990 and now supplies fresh fruit and veg, dry goods, charcuterie and game to more than 140 restaurants, hotels and caterers in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria, says he’s delighted Robin and Luke choose Class One as part of their fitness regime.

He added: “It’s a privilege to be keeping someone like Luke fighting fit. We pride ourselves on providing quality fresh fruit and veg that tastes just like it did when it was picked from the field, and we’re hoping it will pack a punch in the boxing ring come the summer!”


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