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New mugs make vending company greener and reduce costs

A company’s break with disposable coffee cups has shaved over £19,000 off its annual expenditure – and given its green credentials a boost.

Hellaby-headquartered contact centre specialist Parseq, which employs 2,000 staff across three UK sites, was getting through at least 4,000 vending machine cups a day. 

It worked closely with Sheffield branded merchandise specialist Steel City to find a cost-effective and less wasteful solution.

Over 2,500 brushed steel, lidded travel mugs bearing the Parseq logo arrived in May at a cost of £5,000 and will have paid for themselves in as little as three months. 

Parseq’s general manager Duncan Graham said: “When I realised we were spending over £1,600 a month on vending machine cups I was taken aback and called in our marketing team to help. They engaged with merchandise suppliers Steel City to find us a reusable cup that would fit our machines. 

It’s proved to be a triple win for Parseq, which represents some of the UK’s most respected blue-chip companies, the top ten UK banks, and a third of the country’s utility sector.

He added: “We will save a significant sum and by cutting down on waste, we dramatically boost our green credentials as we work towards ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification. 

“But also our staff like having their own cup. They take them home, which puts our brand right in front of our target recruitment audience; we proactively recruit the families and friends of our call centre staff.” 

James Biggin, MD of Steel City, said: “This was a fantastic project to be involved in. By finding Parseq something as simple as a travel mug that fitted their vending machines and could bear their branding, we helped them make a massive impact on their business.

“We would urge other companies to look into reducing costs and their environmental footprint in this manner or similar.”

Disposing with disposable cups is saving a Rotherham company £19,000 a year


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