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Reset chosen by leading energy and services group ENGIE

South Yorkshire based Reset has been chosen by global energy and services group to help monitor the competence of its contractors in the . 

The Reset Certification Scheme is a system where contractors carry a card that can be checked to verify they have the skills and qualifications necessary for the job, without having to wade through reams of paperwork. 

The scheme is already used widely in the NHS and at universities, colleges and airports. Now ENGIE, which employs 20,000 people in the UK, plans to roll out across its contractors and sub-contractors. 

ENGIE has a diverse portfolio, including in the oil and gas industry, in the generation of sustainable power and managed space for hospitals, schools and Government, private and public buildings, including the Olympic Park and the Shard. 

, managing director of Reset in Ecclesfield, said: “We are very proud that ENGIE have selected Reset to help manage the competence and compliance of their contractors in the UK.    

“It is clear from working with the UK team at ENGIE just how serious they are about the health and safety of each and every person working on their sites. We are delighted to be working with them and look forward to a long and successful association.” 

Health and safety, and construction, design and manufacturing regulations demand that anyone bringing contractors onto site is responsible for checking they are competent and qualified. 

The Reset Certification Scheme means that managers can check that they are and that, where appropriate, they are covered by the correct insurance. And any qualifications that are approaching expiry are automatically notified to the employer and employee. 

Gary Said: “Basically Reset takes a lot of the worry out of employing third party contractors. It is also great for the contractors, because they can literally just present this one card to prove that they are compliant and competent. So it is a win, win for both sides.” 

The new partnership with ENGIE has started with the system being used at five sites in the health and education sector, and is due to be rolled out across the UK. 

ENGIE’s health, safety, environment and quality director for UK and , Andy May, said: “I want to lead a wider change in approach to safety management and that must reach as far as every worker doing the job on site.  

“ENGIE is committed to continuous improvement in health and safety and this is an important part of our broader safety management program. We always aim to have the right contractor doing the right thing at the right time.

“We have always accepted the responsibility for checking contactors’ competence, but this can be an onerous and time-consuming task. Working relationships with our contractors are very important and imposing unwieldy systems and processes on them can be restrictive and costly to both parties. 

” I personally looked long and hard for something that would help our contractors work with us safely and efficiently but importantly, on our own terms. From contractors just starting the journey through our approvals process to our longest-standing contractors, Reset provides such a service. 

“Safety management should be about reducing risk for everyone, not just ticking boxes. Sometimes I feel, as a sector, we lose sight of this as we aim for compliance on paper. Reset brings a refreshing solution that can help us achieve this.

“It is a well thought-out system that isn’t too onerous or expensive for our suppliers and is suitable for large and small contractors alike.”


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