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Yorkshire-reared poultry fills the counter at high-end London butchers

A new business relationship forged by a Driffield poultry supplier and a top north butchers has boosted listings in the capital for the Yorkshire company.

Middleton on the Wolds business, T.Soanes & Son now supplies Finsbury Park and Highbury Barn butcher Godfreys with its Yorkshire reared chickens and has been a key supplier of free-range chickens since February.

Sales manager at T.Soanes & Son, , said: “Our heritage and provenance is part of what makes our poultry so unique and London is the place to market this.

“This listing at Godfreys, as premium quality butchers in London, is extremely encouraging for us as we’re actively looking to sell to businesses in London.”

The family owned chicken business has recently invested in a 26 tonne truck to service its twice weekly deliveries to Godfreys and other outlets in the capital.

Godfreys is a traditional butcher with a 100-year history that is run by the fifth generation brothers Jeremy, Christopher and Phillip Godfrey.

, managing director at Godfreys, said everything they sell is of the highest quality, including the poultry they get from T.Soanes & Son.

He added: “This truly is a bona fide product, and we’re very pleased we’re working with the poultry supplier because we know the team will deliver.

“So far, the feedback from customers has been positive. We’ve done blind taste tests on this chicken ourselves, and I can tell these chickens are of a superior quality because they are one of the few suppliers that air-dry their chickens.

“The company is big enough to deal with our demand and small enough to get it right – now we just need them to produce more for us!”

Poultry from T.Soanes & Son is supplied by Godfreys to prestigious restaurants, chefs and food writers in London in addition to many Super Yachts’ kitchens.

Family-owned business T.Soanes & Son was established in 1947 and employs nearly 100 people.


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