Sheffield Engineering Firm Celebrates 90 Years of Innovation

Sheffield-based engineering firm PCT has paid tribute to its staff as it marks its 90th anniversary.

The sub-contract engineering company, based at Holbrook, Sheffield, was founded in 1926 and has survived war, recession and numerous steel crises, thanks to innovation, staff loyalty and hard work.

PCT operates in a range of sectors including the construction and automotive industries and manufactures around 50,000 towbars each year.

In recent years PCT has become a specialist in the development and fabrication of working at height safety equipment. It also offers high definition plasma profiling and metal fabrication including prototype development.

James Harding-Terry, managing director of PCT, said: “For any business to reach the 90-year milestone is a huge achievement but for a manufacturing company it’s a tremendous feat.

“We’ve had to overcome lots of business challenges including the changing nature of UK manufacturing to get to where we are today; a £5m turnover business employing 80.

“Our staff have played a pivotal role in helping PCT evolve and we thank them for their commitment. Each time we’ve faced a challenge we’ve found a new marketplace or developed a new product. Diversification has enabled us to change and grow and survive.”

PCT started life as a small artisan business making press tools and delivering by bike. It is still a family-run business but now provides sub-contract engineering services across the UK.

The team at PCT works on a range of engineering solutions, including high profile projects for Tesco and Heathrow Airport and fabrication work for independent, local companies.

James Harding-Terry, managing director of PCT

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