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Redfern boosts senior team with customer service appointment

Tavel management company Redfern has bolstered its senior team with a major new appointment.

Adele Salter joins Bradford-based Redfern as head of operations and brings extensive experience in operational customer service from a career spanning senior positions at EON, Aviva and People Plus.

The new appointment comes as Redfern continues to develop and invest in world class customer service for its increasing and varied portfolio of clients. Adele will be tasked with delivering high levels of customer satisfaction and ensuring quality service remains the focus for the team at Redfern.

Adele said: “Redfern already has an enviable reputation for quality customer service within the travel management industry but every business has room for improvement. I’m looking forward to working with my new team to see how we can challenge ourselves to be better and deliver on our mission to help customers book simply, travel soundly and save money.”

Kate Wimpeney, business development director at Redfern, said: “Our growing list of clients covers a diverse range of businesses in the UK. Requirements and services vary, but there is one expectation that they all share – excellent customer service.

“We’re trusted by some of the UK’s biggest companies to keep their people safe and make business travel as straightforward and painless as possible. We can only do that with exceptional customer service and exceptional staff.

“Adele is a superb addition to the Redfern team and I’m sure she will deliver significant benefits for Redfern’s customers.”

Redfern books more than 12,000 rail tickets a day for more than 500 customers and provides end to end travel services to major government departments and the public sector as well as a raft of private sector firms.

In the past four years Redfern has saved the Treasury an estimated £20m by providing more cost-effective and efficient travel.

Adele Salter, head of operations at Redfern

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