Street rangers take to the streets to deep clean city centre

A new team of street rangers have hit Leeds, carrying out an enhanced cleansing service, as part of LeedsBID’s (Business Improvement District) efforts to improve the city centre’s physical welcome.

And the LeedsBID Street Rangers are starting work on Leeds’ most prominent street, Briggate, as part of a drive to raise cleanliness levels and enhance the look and feel of the city centre.

The Street Rangers will provide that additional cleaning of the city centre, with a focus on street washing and chewing gum removal, with planned cleans as well as reactive cleans on public and private property, responding to requests from businesses. The team has already made a start, carrying out deep cleaning in Button’s Yard, around the Corn Exchange and on Albion Street. A

Andrew Cooper, chief executive of LeedsBID, said:The LeedsBID Street Rangers are here to improve the visitor experience, raising cleanliness standards across the city centre.

“Briggate is the most prominent street in the city, with the highest footfall – our city centre’s spine – so it is essential we create the right impression of Leeds as a clean and safe city and work at maintaining that.”

Lawrence Wetherill, LeedsBID Head Rangers, said: “The Street Rangers will be out on a daily basis, literally cleaning up the streets of the city centre and they are already making an impact in some key areas such as the Corn Exchange where the paving around that landmark building has been rejuvenated.”

The Street Rangers will be working on Briggate for up to six weeks, jet washing the pedestrianised area and shop doorways, using the latest eco-technology including an electronic tow vehicle and two hot water high pressure steam cleaners.

Briggate is the length of three football pitches and is estimated to have hundreds of thousands of pieces of chewing gum on the ground, making this a high profile spot with an average daily footfall of 50,000.

James Bailey, general manager of Victoria Quarter, said: “We are absolutely delighted to see the LeedsBID Street Rangers starting in earnest; we all want a city we can be rightly proud of.

“The arrival of Victoria Gate is only seven weeks away and as well as having a first class line up of retail and leisure, it is imperative that the presentation of the city is in keeping.”

The Street Rangers is the second major project to launch in the last six months wholly funded by LeedsBID, with The Welcome Ambassadors providing a professional meet and greet service to all in the city centre launching in March.

Since taking to the streets, the ambassadors have personally welcomed more than 130,000 visitors in the city and are a hugely popular addition to the city.

The Street Rangers will work alongside the Welcome Ambassadors in improving the Leeds welcome for residents, employees and visitors while working closely with businesses and other organisations to address cleanliness across the city.

LeedsBID is looking to expand to two street ranger teams – the first team deployed providing a rotational deep clean of key areas of the city centre and a second a rapid response cleaning team launching later in the year, with recruitment currently underway.

James Bailey, Lawrence Wetherill and Andrew Cooper


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