Smart Garage Solutions launch “my sales trust” for car dealers

An innovative software solution has been launched to help independent car dealers increase sales and enhance their brand presence in what are testing times for the automotive industry. 

The “My Sales Trust” product has been developed by Yorkshire-based Smart Garage Solutions, a provider of software and equipment that allow independent car dealers across the UK to create, review and send HD quality personalised customer videos. 

The new product is used by the car dealers’ sales team to show off the key features and condition of a vehicle, presenting customers with a detailed and visual description of their new car. 

The way in which customers are purchasing vehicles is changing, gone are the days of trudging from showroom to showroom taking test drives as the majority of research is now carried out online. Getting the customer to your dealership is imperative with the average customer visiting only 1.6 dealers to make their car purchase. 

Through My Sales Trust and the power of personalised customer videos, car dealers can build improved personal relationships with their customers and extend their geographical reach, driving more customers to their forecourt and converting more qualified leads into sales.  Recent reports suggest that customers will travel up to 65% further to view the car in person having received a personalised customer video.  

Ben Smith, founder of Smart Garage Solutions, said: “The use of personalised videos in the automotive industry is on the rise and this trend is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.  We set out to create a level playing field, giving independent car dealers the opportunity to take advantage of personalised customer videos, at an affordable price. 

“It is said that 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words and as a result more than half of all car buyers now watch at least 30 minutes of video during the buying process.  Video promotes positivity, trust and confidence and its successful use will set independent car dealers apart in what is a highly competitive industry. 

“Through My Sales Trust, every video the car dealer creates is unique, puts the customer at the centre of attention and makes them feel special and informed at every stage of the buying process.  This is how savvy customers now expect to be communicated to. 

“We are confident My Sales Trust will really enhance car dealers customer service and brand loyalty as well as helping them to sell more cars.  Any car dealers interested in the product can sign up to our free no obligation 30-day trial today” 

Mark John, director of Bradford-based Pennine Autos Ltd, said: “My Sales Trust has helped us enhance our customer engagement and increase sales.  The videos enable customers to see detailed features of their potential new car and why it’s the right choice for them.  

“The product enables us to create a lasting first impression and build a personal relationship with the customer – giving them the trust, confidence and comfort to buy.  Our sales and customer satisfaction scores have risen dramatically.” 

The launch of My Sales Trust follows Smart Garage Solutions’ highly successful “My Service Trust” product which was launched in July. My Service Trust is used by garage technicians to highlight any urgent or advisory works that need carrying out on a vehicle following a service or MOT.

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