Blogging experts bid to advise emerging bloggers at new initiative

Leeds-based event company, Creative Industry Hub, which specialises in supporting the Creative Industries in the UK, is holding an exciting new initiative in London in July 2017, designed to support and educate bloggers in the UK, through an all-day conference format which has never been done before on this scale. 

‘Breakthrough in Blogging’ is the first event of its kind. The event will feature workshops including SEO, YouTube/Video, Branding, Building Fan-bases/Audiences, Monetisation, Social Media, Creative Writing, Photography, Brand Partnerships and more. Each workshop is being delivered by some of the UK’s leading and most influential business and blogging experts. 

The event has already received a fantastic response with interior design business, Charlotte-Jade, and fashion businesses, Kite And Bites and Funmilayo Deri sponsoring/exhibiting. The aim is to help bloggers learn the relevant skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the industry as a blogger, and connect them with a wide range of brands. 

Some of the speakers will include Leeds-based blogging star, Em Sheldon (Emtalks), Mark Wright (Winner of the Apprentice 2014/CEO at Climb Online), Carly Musleh (Beauty Sauce), Linzi Boyd (Author at Brand Famous), Lucie Loves, Motherpukka, Sarah Akwisombe, Jen Thorne (Beauty Junkie London), Gemma Seager (Retro Chick), Hannah Read-Baldrey, Jo Booth (Co-Director & Head Trainer at Social Media Makes Sense), and more. 

‘Breakthrough in Blogging’ is being held on the July 3, at the newly launched Interchange (Atrium) venue in Camden, although this is subject to change due to possible building refurbishments taking place. 

George Taylor, the founder and director of Creative Industry Hub, said: “Blogging is still in its’ infancy as an industry, which makes it hard to quantify which techniques bloggers are using to build a successful career, and as blogging hasn’t really hit mainstream education as of yet, I am hoping this event will equip emerging bloggers with everything they need to know to succeed in life, but most importantly, to do what they love.

“I believe that there is no better substitute than to learn directly from industry experts who have been there and done it.”

Jo Booth, co-director & head trainer at Social Media Makes Sense, said: “A lot of people are fazed by trying to figure out how to start, where to start, and what to begin to write, when it comes to blogging. I’m looking forward to helping to demystify the process for our delegates on the day.” 

Siobhan McDonagh, head of Online Marketing at Dropit Shopping/Former Marketing Director at GraziaShop, said: “I was delighted to be asked to join this panel of industry experts, exploring the positive impact of blogging beyond traditional digital PR or brands using their owned content platforms. The future of blogging has never looked so exciting.” 

To find out more about ‘Breakthrough in Blogging’ or to get a ticket, simply visit


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