Andrew Denniff, chief executive at Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce, has responded to the government’s new plans for HS2 in the region.

Mr Denniff said: “Our Chamber has consistently supported HS2 as a project along with the originally proposed route at Meadowhall which would, we believe, provide much greater connectivity and have many more stops per hour than the recently proposed branch line into Sheffield Midland. 

“From a South Yorkshire perspective, the key benefits of HS2 have always been the catalyst it provides to regenerate and develop the city region’s economy, but from a regional perspective the latest offer on the table from government is woefully short of achieving this and we continue to be concerned by a worrying lack of parity when it comes to investing in our region, compared to say Leeds or Manchester.  

“If the government stick with the latest proposals they must also urgently look at other initiatives that will support economic growth in the region including enhanced Trans-Pennine links and improved rail connectivity to our regional airport”.

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