London looks on as Sheffield’s Cubana becomes UK’s rum capital

Cubana Rum Award, Sheffield, 10th November 2016

Pictured are Cubana’s Adrian Bagnoli and John Wickham with the venue’s award


A 10,000 mile round trip to source the most expensive rum in the world has helped a Sheffield bar eclipse the very best in the country.

Cubana owners Adrian Bagnoli and Brad Charlesworth flew to Havana earlier in the year to hand pick a bottle of ‘Maximo Extra Anejo’ which is now on offer at the Leopold Square bar for a mind blowing £150 a shot.

The luxury spirit was the icing on the cake for the venue’s first ever rum menu which boasts 167 varieties but the real reward came at the coveted 10th annual Rum Barrel Awards in London- the benchmark for the industry. It was here where judges decided nothing in the country could match Cubana and the venue’s recently launched menu was voted the very best in the UK beating scores of rivals.

Adrian Bagnoli said: “We are delighted to have competed against and beaten some of the most respected dedicated rum bars in the country to this prestigious award. We intend to build on this by improving and increasing the quality of our rum listing year on year”

Cubana swept the board beating over 60 entries from across the UK and a shortlist that included top London venues including Rum and Sugar, Merchant House and Rum Kitchen.

The venue’s first dedicated rum menu is the result of months of research overseen by assistant manager John Wickham – a man with a total passion for rum.

John said “Our menu has been created to be extensive but also personal and informative. We have applied our own tasting notes to all of the rums and have a well balanced selection which includes many obscure, delicious and affordable expressions of rum ranging from £3.50 per shot with majority priced under £10.

The extensive collection has been sourced from right around the globe – from Cuba and all over the Caribbean to more surprising places such as Japan and the USA.


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