Halifax’s Lumilow Lighting expands sales team with two new apprentices

Pictured are Theresa Whaley and Surjun Singh


West Yorkshire lighting company Lumilow has appointed two new apprentice sales co-ordinators – Theresa Whaley and Surjun Singh. 

Andy Chell, Lumilow managing director, said:  “Due to an increase in business we were struggling to cope with demand and needed more support. We have already successfully employed an apprentice, so we were keen to support another young person into our industry. 

“After interviewing we narrowed it down to two candidates, and they were both so good we decided to employ both of them. 

“We are big supporters of local employment and training staff from the ground up. It has been a very heartening experience to see young people with such desire to work and passion to succeed.  

“I’ve always believed strongly that you need to recruit on character and not purely on skills. You can teach the skills required, but you cannot teach character and attitude, they have either got it or they haven’t.” 

For Chell, it’s vitally important that apprenticeships are structured to provide real development and prospects for young people. 

He added: “Both Theresa and Surjun have been apprentices at other companies but left because they were not being trained properly. There was no formal structure or support to enable them to reach their potential. 

“At Lumilow we are the opposite, we want to take new staff under our wing, train them fully and give them every opportunity to thrive in the sustainable lighting industry.”

Contrasting with poor employers, Lumilow offers a comprehensive, fully structured training programme to its apprentices, with feedback, discussion and knowledge sharing. The overarching purpose seeks to pass on skills, but also to engender trust, respect and a hard working but fun attitude. 

“When you offer young people support and respect, they thrive. That’s a no brainer to me and at Lumilow the same attitude we offer clients, a professional, caring approach, is the one we use in house too,” Chell said

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