European award win for Leeds engineers

A Leeds-based engineering consultancy has been awarded a prestigious Northern European Engineering Impact Award for Innovative Research.

ReSolve Research Engineering Ltd. won the award in partnership with The University of Leeds and the Bradford Institute for Health Research (BIHR).

ReSolve was formed in April 2015 by Dr Earle Jamieson and Dr James Chandler, two engineering PhD graduates from The University of Leeds. The duo has spent the last year working alongside Dr Peter Culmer from The University of Leeds to develop a new software application for measuring the manual dexterity of school children.

Part of the Born in Bradford (BiB) study, led by the NHS, it is one of the world’s largest scientific studies.

The aim of BiB is to track the lives of 13,500 children from birth to adulthood to understand the childhood influences that shape health and wellbeing. The application allows BiB researchers to obtain rich and valuable data that will help understand the way in which manual dexterity affects childhood development, health and overall wellbeing.

The application, called “Kinelab”, features a series of games which involve tracing and following shapes that appear on-screen, as well as interactive quizzes designed to test memory and processing speed.

Kinelab works in the background to intelligently calculate a number of key scores for each child relative to all other children in their age group. This score can then be used to identify children with difficulties, and to inform suitable interventions that will help them improve in those key areas and achieve their full potential.

This prestigious prize was awarded to ReSolve by National Instruments at their “NI Days” event in London on November 28th 2016. Their success has automatically granted them a place at the final of the global competition taking place in May in Austin, Texas.


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