Award winning A-SAFE Barrier showcased in Germany

Halifax-based A-SAFE’s award winning iFlex Barrier System is currently on show at the 2016/17 iF Design Exhibition, in Hamburg.

The innovative safety solution, designed by international safety barrier manufacturer and inventor of the world’s leading polymer safety barriers, won the Product Award in the Industry/Skilled Trades category of the iF Design Awards in 2016 and is now being showcased as part of the iF Design Exhibition until February 2017.

The iF Design Awards identify outstanding achievements in design and are recognised as a symbol of design excellence around the world. The iFlex range impressed the iF Design Awards judges with its innovations in hygiene, modularity and safety performance.

Tom Costello, industrial design engineer at A-SAFE, said: “We’re incredibly proud that our iFlex barrier range is going to be displayed at the iF Design Exhibition, alongside some truly excellent designs from all over the world.

“This award recognises the continued innovation and development of A-SAFE’s leading product range. We are thrilled to have been acknowledged by such a prestigious panel of judges and to have our world-leading barrier system on show in Hamburg.”

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