FSB applauds Doncaster’s “buy local” policy

The Federation of Small Businesses has welcomed the news that two-thirds of Doncaster Council’s budget is to be spent with local businesses. This amounts to more than £108m of council work in 2016/7 to be awarded to Doncaster businesses. 

FSB’s regional chairman, Gordon Millward, said: “It is refreshing to hear that Doncaster Council has taken measures to ensure that local firms will be the first beneficiaries of the Council’s expenditure. This will retain prosperity in the local community and provide jobs for local people.  

“By increasing the share of its budget spent locally to 68 per cent of total spend, Doncaster Council has in the last two years added £27m annually to the local economy. 

“All local authorities command massive budgets and by making the extra effort to procure goods and services from the business community locally, the economic benefit falls first and foremost within the borough.

“We commend Mayor Ros Jones and her Doncaster Council colleagues for maintaining their ‘buy local’ policy, and we would encourage all councils across our region to redouble their efforts to ensure that a growing percentage of their total expenditure stays close to home.” 

Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones said: “I was determined Doncaster firms could bid for suitable contracts and by understanding what is involved in the procurement process have every opportunity to win work. 

“We have put on workshops, organised events and provided support for business owners so they understand the rules, can find available contracts and know how to prepare their tender bids. This work is certainly paying off with amount of work being won by local firms increasing by a staggering 34 per cent in the last four years. 

“When I became Mayor back in 2013 the council spent more money with firms located outside of borough so I am obviously delighted this position has been turned on its head. The vast majority of work now goes to local firms, which supports the local economy and helps stimulate jobs and growth. I am committed to continuing our efforts to support local business wherever we can.”


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