KTR Couplings rebrands to KTR UK Ltd

Mechanical components manufacturer KTR Couplings has changed its name to KTR UK Ltd following a rebrand by its German parent company.  

The firm, based in Sheffield, has been manufacturing power transmission products for a wide range of energy sector applications, including generator sets, pumps, and compressors, for more than 50 years.  

It is part of global parent company KTR Systems GmbH, which is headquartered in Germany and makes mechanical couplings and overload systems, torque measuring shafts, clamping sets, joints, hydraulic and electromechanical brake systems, hydraulic components, and cooling systems for industrial applications in mechanical and plant engineering. 

The company, which has 23 subsidiaries around the world, changed its name from KTR Kupplungstechnik GmbH in December 2016, which prompted KTR U.K. to follow suit and also adopt its new branding.  

Signage at the firm’s base, in Woodseats, has been updated to reflect the change.    

Its marketing manager Rod Sarich said: “We’ve had a presence in the UK for over 15 years as KTR Couplings, but this name change makes sense with where the company is now and where we’re headed.

“KTR is now involved in the manufacture of much more than just couplings, we now offer coolers, brakes and an array of hydraulic components, and because of this we felt we needed a name to reflect it.” 

KTR Systems GmbH CEO Andreas Nauen said: “The change of name underlines the scope and diversity of our range of products. We demonstrate to the global markets, but above all to our customers and partners, that we are willing to assume more responsibility in machines and plants.”


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