Monkbar Hotel’s sweet deal for Yorkshire charity

Pictured is Monkbar Hotel sales manager Nikki Brannan, far right, with Paperworks trainees Scott Normanton, Emma Schofield and Chung Wong


A York hotel has been so impressed with the recycling services of a Harrogate charity that it has offered it a “sweet” reward!

For the last three years Paperworks – which has operations in both Harrogate and Leeds – has been taking the Monkbar Hotel’s waste paper, which it then shreds and sells for horse bedding.

And, when the hotel was looking at revamping its guest welcome pack to include traditional Yorkshire sweets, it approached the charity to see if it could help with the packaging.

Now Paperworks trainees, who all have learning disabilities, weigh, bag and seal the sweets with a welcome sticker, which are then dispatched to the hotel before being placed in guest rooms.

Monkbar Hotel sales manager said: “We found Paperworks by chance when one of our ‘green team’ was researching recycling and shredding.

“We liked the fact they are a social enterprise, they help disabled people and the paper is shredded and then sold to stable owners for horse bedding, which raises revenue for the organization.

“Visiting the Harrogate operation has given me an insight and appreciation of the type of work Paperworks does, both in Leeds and Harrogate, and it was a pleasure to meet some of the people who pack our sweets to diligently.”

James Watling, Paperworks enterprise development manager, said: “It was real pleasure to have Nikki visit us and it was a treat for our trainees to meet and show her how they fulfill the Monkbar’s sweets order.

“Thanks to businesses like the Monkar Hotel, we are able to help disabled people feel valued by working. Under guidance from staff and volunteers they do a variety of tasks, which includes shredding commercial offices waste paper, delegate bag filling, fulfilment work and much more.”

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