West Yorkshire driving school equips learner vehicle fleet with dashcams

Pictured are Drive Dynamics chief executive Beverley Midgley (left) with company fleet manager Michelle Mills  


A West Yorkshire driving school’s aim to be known as the safest in the country has taken a major step forward. 

Drive Dynamics, which is based in Drighlington between Leeds and Bradford, is now fitting its extensive fleet of learner vehicles with dashboard-mounted video cameras. 

Not only will this help learners improve their driving skills by being able to review aspects of their lessons, it will also capture other road users’ misdemeanours. 

Additionally, as insurance premiums are set to rise next year, it will help mitigate any increases and even help bring the costs down. 

The company was one of a handful shortlisted for the safe vehicles category in this year’s Fleet Safety Awards. For this class the judges were looking for organisations that had done the most to improve the safety of its vehicles. 

Drive Dynamics chief executive Beverley Midgley – who started the business a decade ago – said: “Our ambition is for Drive Dynamics to become known as a champion of safe driving and having the safest of vehicles. 

“We want to be known as the safest driving school in the UK, and we will achieve this by delivering life saving education, in vehicles equipped to create safer journeys for all. 

“As a part of this we are now currently in the process of fitting every Drive Dynamics learner vehicle with a dashcam, which will boost our safety credentials even further.  

“This is being rolled out over the coming months, and, when the project is completed, we will be the only driving school in the country to have its entire fleet with this on-board technology.” 

Beverley added: “Our fleet of learner cars also undergo meticulous ‘health’ checks to ensure they are safe for all road conditions, and they are changed on a regular basis. 

“To complement this, our driving instructors go through a rigorous training programme, and under no circumstances will we ever let anyone we are not entirely satisfied with become a Drive Dynamics teacher.”


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