Drainage specialist celebrates 25th anniversary with new website

Drainage specialist Lanes Group is celebrating 25 years in business by relaunching its website with new, modernised branding.   

The website features a cleaner design with streamlined functionality, improving the customer journey onsite and allowing visitors to find what they need quickly. More information-led guides have been included to help improve the customer experience on-site. 

Lanes Group, which had a turnover of £300,000 when it was purchased from John Lane in 1992, has a forecasted turnover of circa £200 million in 2017. 

The business is now the UK’s largest independent drainage specialist, with more than 1,900 staff employed across both its Leeds head office and 26 depots and utility hubs across the UK. 

Michelle Ringland, head of marketing at Lanes Group, said: “We are thrilled to be celebrating our 25th anniversary with a brand new website and updated branding.  

“Our brand is well respected across the industry and with our customers, so rather than overhauling the brand completely, we have modernised the logo mark and updated the font style, while keeping our distinctive pink vans.  

“As well as being rolled out across the new site, the branding will be translated onto the new van designs, which will be launching this year. Using the ‘SOS’ branding shows to our customers that we are there when they need us.  

“We have also reviewed the company principles to create clearer mission statement values. All of this takes the company forward into the future with a core message to stakeholders, staff and clients. The new look for Lanes Group is a culmination of six months of hard work pulling everything together and we are very excited for what 2017 will bring for the business.” 

As well as the new website, Lanes Group has created a corporate video, which will play an integral part in showcasing the new website.  

Michelle added: “We decided a new video was the perfect way to launch the ‘new look’ Lanes Group to our customers. Creating a video that highlights the impressive range of equipment our engineers have access to and the breadth of services we offer, without dwelling on the less glamorous side of drainage, certainly was a challenge.

“We are thrilled with the final result. The video truly reflects everything Lanes Group stands for as a business and really shows our dedication to both our consumer and corporate customers.”


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