Barclays launch Eagle Lab Live at Sheffield Hallam University


Barclays has today announced a partnership with Sheffield Hallam University and ObjectForm to bring Barclays Eagle Labs to Yorkshire for the first time.

As part of its High Growth & Entrepreneurs proposition, Barclays Eagle Lab Live is an exciting months’ worth of digital events running from March 27 until April 20.

The launch night will take place in the Cantor Building at Sheffield Hallam University on Monday 27 March. It will feature an interactive showcase of Digital Technology and Innovation and will explain how to get involved, whether you are an entrepreneur, a student, a parent or even a maker.

Barclays’ Eagle Labs provide access to resources including expert mentoring, 3D printers, laser cutters and events space.  This means businesses can access the tools they need to rapidly produce and test prototypes without having to import from overseas, which can significantly reduce the time and cost taken from concept to market.

Barclays’ Eagle Lab Live will run for one month bringing together Sheffield entrepreneurs, businesses, students and the wider community offering the chance to experience the potential of cutting edge technology and encouraging them to think about how it could be applied to the creation of innovative future solutions.

Barclays has already opened Eagle Labs in Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cambridge, Norwich, Notting Hill, Salford and plans to open a permanent Eagle Lab in Sheffield in 2018.

The Barclays High Growth & Entrepreneurs proposition is aimed at ambitious, high growth companies, their founders and the ecosystem supported. No bank today offers a tailored proposition that attempts to seamlessly deliver a joined up micro to IPO service. 

Steven Roberts, strategic transformation director at Barclays, said: “We’ve created the Barclays Eagle Labs because technology is transforming the speed at which start-ups can grow and scale. Simply having access to a 3D printer can now help people turn a clever idea into a business success overnight, and by providing practical resources along with our financial expertise we intend to help many businesses succeed. 

“Eagle Labs Live is a new collaboration between Barclays and Sheffield Hallam University. It aims to support and educate the local community, providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs, students and the wider community to embrace new technologies and techniques and become familiar with the Eagle Lab concept before a permanent Lab is launched in the City in 2018.”

Dr Andy Hirst, teaching fellow in Work Based Learning, Sheffield Hallam University, said: “Applied Learning is at the heart of Sheffield Hallam University teaching so this new relationship with Barclays Eagle Labs fits perfectly with our approach to business engagement.

“Barclays Eagle Lab Live is a new and exciting opportunity for Sheffield City Region, giving our students, local entrepreneurs and the general public access to free events and workshops showcasing cutting edge technology like 3D printers that will hopefully inspire the next generation of start-ups.”


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