Hoteliers Land’s End to John O’ Groats Comic Relief challenge

Pictured are Jess Wilson, Gary Auker, Dan Edwards, Gonzalo Torres and Emma Copley


Staff from a York hotel will be undertaking a gruelling Land’s End to John O’Groats charity challenge this Friday – without stepping outside the venue’s carpark! 

Starting at 7am, the Comic relief fund-raisers from the Monkbar Hotel and Yorkshire bar and grill will take to running machines, static bikes and a cross trainer, to cover the 603 miles in 13 hours. 

Being run in conjunction with Pure Gym, the fitness machines will be placed out the four-star hotel’s front entrance in the hope of not only attracting the support of guests and visitors, but also passing members of the public. 

The static challenge has been organised by Monkbar Hotel guest relations manager Gary Auker, who said: “At 7am on Friday we will be embarking on our epic 603-mile challenge without actually travelling anywhere! 

“Come rain or shine, a team of 12 of us will be taking it in turns to pedal and run the distance between Land’s End and John O’Groats, with the aim of raising more than £400 for Comic Relief. 

“It will be hard work, but because there will be a number of us taking part, it will make it less painful. 

“And, because we will be positioned at the front of the hotel with collection buckets, we are hoping that members of the public will stop and offer a bit of financial support.” 

Those wishing to support the Monkbar and Yorkshire bar and grill staff in their Comic Relief challenge can do so via following this link:


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