KOP THAT! Sheffield United fans get their own artisan-brewed lager

Kop Lager

Blades fans can get their very own club beers in now that Sheffield United has become the first major English league club to have its own artisan-brewed lager.

KOP is designed to refresh the parts that others beers cannot reach and leave no bitter after-taste – even after an unlikely defeat!

It’s been created by Sheffield’s award-winning craft beer newcomers, Sentinel Brewing Co, who are based just a goal kick away from United’s Bramall Lane home.

The first brew was mashed-in earlier this month by Blades legend and club ambassador Tony Currie – his very first time in a brew house.

The 4.1 per cent pale lager is aimed at drinkers of mainstream lager brands and is the brainchild of Sentinel founder and Head Brewer, Alex Barlow.

“We are the club’s local brewery. United’s Kop backs onto Shoreham Street, where we’re based. We’re as passionate about The Beautiful Game as the many fans who come in on match days, and believe they are as passionate as us about beautiful beer,” said Alex.

United badge-branded cans of KOP are now on sale in the club shop at Sheffield United and at Sentinel, where the lager is also available at the pump and in keg form.

Explaining the rationale behind the creation of a Blades-own brew, Alex added: “The UK has experienced a huge increase in craft beer-drinking but football grounds are still bastions of mass-produced lagers which in our opinion lack character.

“Football supporters represent a real cross-section of society and by the laws of economics, a big proportion of the 28,000 supporters who turn out to a United game will appreciate a specially crafted beer too.

“So we’re giving United fans a first in major English Football League history – a locally brewed, hand-crafted alternative,” said Alex, who has previously brewed Carling and Staropramen lagers, amongst others.

Sentinel linked up with Sheffield United to create KOP, a professional-strength lager with a clean and refreshing feel, but which packs more flavour than the standard big brewery pints.

The 440ml cans feature a picture of Kop favourite Billy Sharp in post-goal celebration, plus tasting notes claiming “this crisp and refreshing lager scores every time” and food-matching tips (KOP is the perfect accompaniment for snacks, pizzas… and a greasy chip butty).

Sheffield United were keen to lend their badge to a beer that will make a new contribution to the club’s finances.

Commercial manager Liam Robinson said: “Having a Sheffield United-branded lager available in the club shop is a ground-breaking move. We’re really pleased to
be able to offer fans their own locally-brewed beer.”


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